Payday News December 3-9


December 3, Alamogordo Daily News: ACS One-Stop Shop for Families
An Army Community Service center in New Mexico is offering a “one stop shop” to low-income families, providing them with toys, food, and other holiday items. One of the purposes of the center is to prevent families from taking out payday loans to afford items around Christmastime. 
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December 8, JD Supra: CFPB’s First Project Catalyst Innovation Report Addresses FinTech Regulation
The CFPB recently released their first report for the Project Catalyst Innovation, which was announced after LendUp falsely advertised their financial services as alternatives to payday loans.

December 8, Fortune: Trump’s Dismantling of Dodd-Frank Would Be 2008 All Over Again
This article lists the many detrimental effects of dismantling the Dodd-Frank Act and the CFPB, mentioning the CFPB’s contribution to several issues, such as payday lending.

December 8, WBTV: Best and Worst Ways to Raise Quick Cash
This article lists payday lending as one of the worst ways to get fast cash,

December 8, CU Times: CFPB Changes Omitted From Final Spending Bill
Congressional Republicans no longer plan to pursue a bill that would reform the CFPB through an appropriations process. This bill would have pushed back payday lending rulemaking.

December 8, Aspen Times: Aspen Home Part of Court Order in Race Car Driver Fraud Case
An Aspen home is involved in a lawsuit with Scott Tucker, a race car driver who was convicted of misleading low-income consumers of his payday lending company.

December 7, Dallas Business Journal: Banking from the Shadows: Does the Texas Banking Industry Discourage Undocumented Customers? The Answer Might Surprise You
This article tells the story of an undocumented immigrant who was able to open and bank account and lead a financially stable life, and mentions that many immigrants are abused by alternative financial services such as payday lenders.

December 7, The Reader: The High Cost of Being Poor
Nebraska faces one of the highest rates of debt in the United States. Payday lenders in Nebraska also charge some of the highest interest rates in the nation, targeting low-income and minority populations. 
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December 7, Free Times: The Resistance: How President Trump Could Energize S.C. Progressives
This article discusses progressivism in South Carolina after Trump’s unexpected win. It also features the how the Director of Appleseed Legal Justice Center has contributed, including her lobbying against payday lending.

December 6, The National Law Journal: CFPB Takes Up Two New Fights to Force Subpoena Compliance
The CFPB alleged that Zero Parallel, a company that acquires leads for payday lending companies, is not responding timely to an investigation on their agenda to attract payday lenders.

December 6, Fairborn Daily Herald: Bipartisan Unity in a Deep Red State
This article tells the story of Steve Hickey and Steve Hildebrand, two South Dakotans with opposing political views but who worked together to address an issue where they found common ground: payday lending.

December 5, Kansas City Business Journal: Feds Pile on More Charges Against Payday Lender
Racecar driving and payday lender Scott Tucker previously faced allegations that he had violated the Truth in Lending Act. Federal prosecutors are pressing more charges against him for other illegal financial practices.

December 4, The Clarion-Ledger: Be Wary of Payday Loans Online 
This article warns consumers of the dangers of taking out payday loans online, as many borrowers get scammed in the process.

December 4, KDLT: Mayor of Brandon Surprised Badlands Motor Speedway Is For Sale
Following the recent South Dakota ballot measure capping interest rates at 36%, Chuck Brennan plans to sell Badlands Motor Speedway.  
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