Payday News Stories, Week Ending December 3rd, 2015

November 30
Business First
Ohio payday lender cuts jobs, blames new regulations
The payday lending business Community Choice Financial Inc. claims to be letting go of employees due to impending restrictions on the industry.

November 20
The Nation
Payday Lenders Keep Evading Their Regulators. Can Anyone Stop Them?
The article highlights how loopholes in payday lending regulations allow lenders to thrive despite restrictions.

November 24
Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Protecting Ohioans from predatory loans
Senator Sherrod Brown discusses the payday lending problem and the upcoming payday lending rule from the CFPB.

November 22
Black Christian News Network
Black Leaders in Kansas Reach Agreement on Legislative Agenda
Members of the Kansas Black Leadership Council gathered to discuss a legislative agenda to tackle measures such as repealing restrictive laws on voting, expanding Medicaid, and restricting payday lending in the state.

November 25
San Jose Mercury News
Campbell adds new restrictions for payday lenders in the city
The Campbell City Council voted to further restrict payday lending in an effort to protect the city’s vulnerable consumers.

November 28
Scranton Times-Tribune
Don’t promote payday loans
The article highlights the predatory nature of payday loans, describes barriers to the industry in Pennsylvania, and discourages the promotion of payday loans.

December 2
Springfield News-Leader
Springfield church, credit union create payday loan alternatives for area poor
The article describes two programs established to offer safer and more affordable alternatives to payday lending in an effort to relieve financial burdens on socioeconomically disadvantaged residents.

November 29
Waco Tribune
EDITORIAL: Regulating predatory practices of payday lenders should be discussed, debated
The author argues for regulations on payday lending in Waco, citing the predatory practices targeting the city’s consumers.

December 3
The Dallas Morning News
Editorial: Taking a bigger bite out of payday lending
The Community Loan Center of Dallas offers short term loans with low interests rates to consumers in need as alternatives to payday loans.

November 23
Fusion Online
Who do you trust with your money: The post office or Walmart?
In highlighting the debt traps faced by consumers who turn to payday lending for short term loans, the article weighs the possibilities of either the U.S. Postal Service or Walmart offering banking services to consumers in need.

November 24
Where to Cash a Check Without Paying High Fees
The article offers alternative options for check cashing, citing high fees demanded by payday lending stores.