What is Payday Lending?

Payday loans typically carry over 300% annual interest, creating a cycle of debt for borrowers.


Take Action

Stop the legislation that would increase profits for payday lenders — at your expense.


  1. Monica Voss
    Monica Voss: RT @StopTheDebtTrap: Congress Is Voting Today on a Bill That Could Make Debt Traps Legal Again https://t.co/OY6Sw4gNtD #StopTheDebtTrap #HR

  2. fragrancefree
    fragrancefree: RT @lsaundersnclc: .@RepMaloney "There's nothing innovative about usury!" #StoptheDebtTrap. No on #HR3299 https://t.co/7awcG6j0GK

    NO BRAINS TRUMP: RT @taxmarch: Too many Americans are trapped in debt from payday loans. It's time we join the fight to #StopTheDebtTrap: https://t.co/3QUI…