What is Payday Lending?

Payday loans typically carry over 300% annual interest, creating a cycle of debt for borrowers.


Take Action

Stop the legislation that would increase profits for payday lenders — at your expense.


  1. Karl Frisch
    Karl Frisch: BREAKING: @MickMulvaneyOMB Drops @CFPB Case Against Predatory Lender That Gave Him Thousands #ProtectConsumershttps://t.co/yywMdLpjmJ

  2. youlie!!
    youlie!!: @charliekmox Yes!! That's right lets punish the poor by taking there cars.. then we'll see how they will feed there… https://t.co/RBfGhOUzpl

  3. StopTheDebtTrap
    StopTheDebtTrap: Acting Director or Activist Director? Acting @CFPBDirector Mulvaney drops investigation of payday lender… https://t.co/VAdLjnOJa6